Film Club

Everyone is welcome to our Film Club - 7.30pm Saturday 22nd June.

film clubWatch it - Discuss it

We will be watching a popular film (usually cert 12) and then discuss the various themes in it. 

Tea and coffee will be provided, but you are welcome to bring along other drinks or snacks to eat.

Examples of the types of discussions...

What did you like about the film?
What did you struggle with in the film?
Which characters did you most identify with and why?
What aspects of your life is the film maker seeking to change or challenge or influence?
Did it support or challenge any Christian values?

Previous films included...

collateral beautyjohnny englishA united kingdomnow you see me

Due to licensing restrictions we are not allowed to publicly advertise the title of the next film, but if you'd like to know the next film title or any other information, please text Matt: 07527 525223